Culligan® Whole House Carbon

In the Charlotte region, the water conditions are unique and vary from town to town and even from street to street. When you factor in the large amount of people who are relying on private and community well water in our area, the water conditions and neccessary treatment solutions become even more complicated. This means that only Culligan has the neccessary equipment and experience to handle your toughest problem water. Whether you are dealing with chlorine, chloramines, low pH, calcium or magnesium, we offer solutions such as our Whole House Carbon to create a customized water treatment program designed specifically for you. 

The Culligan Whole House Carbon is a remarkably efficient piece of equipment that utilizes state-of-the-art water filtration technology to remove excess chlorine, chloramine, and other contaminats from your home's water. The Whole House Carbon system can significantly boost the quality of your water. Don't settle for water that smells like chlorine or water that you may suspect contains contaminants. Give Culligan of Charlotte a call today at (704) 980-7582 or fill out the form above for your FREE in-home water test

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